A rural dream, now a reality

My outback experience

Over the last two weeks the teach.NSW team had the opportunity to travel through the striking north west of NSW. Our on-the-road producer Heather was blown away by the stories of teachers’ resilience, community pride and genuine appreciation of the rural way of life.


Bringing Yuwaalaraay to the classroom

From the classroom to the English Channel

Not only is Brenda Norman an experienced teacher from Deniliquin High School - she has conquered the English Channel, swimming from France to England. Brenda endured the cold waters, rough seas and sunburn, all in the name of raising awareness for young people in rural areas.


One employer, many career opportunities

ClassCover for casual teachers

Are you about to begin your teaching career? if you are seeking casual employment with the NSW Department of Education, you will find the new ClassCover app is a great resource.


Find your work/life balance

07 December 2018

Moving to a rural or remote location frees up some ‘you time’. With less travel time commuting to and from work each day, you can dedicate time to yourself, to be you, better.


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