Steven Marland testimonial

Incentive Scholarship recipient, Steven Marland, teaches mathematics at Bowraville Central School in northern New South Wales.

A decade after completing his first university degree, Steven did some hard thinking about his career and decided on a career shift to mathematics teaching.

`Even though I had been quite successful in IT I had never really found fulfilment in it' he recalls. `I was really excited at the thought of teaching – ultimately to do something that was a lot more fulfilling than the IT treadmill. I could use my IT background, which was already quite maths heavy, so I could completely shift career without a lot of retraining.'

Steven chose to study a Graduate Diploma of Education by distance through the University of New England. Towards the end of his studies, Steven attended a teach.NSW presentation, which included information on the Incentive Scholarship Program.

`I thought wow, this is an opportunity to actually get a permanent job. I get placed and it all just happens, it's perfectly timed, working out where we want to be. Getting a bit of money to facilitate the move was just a bonus … It's been fantastic.'

Now settling into Bowraville, Steven is delighted with his new school and rural community. `To be part of the public school is to be part of the community … and I've had a huge amount of support' he says. `It's a really positive school, reaching out to do the best for the kids and the community, and that's coming right through from the school leadership. It's a really encouraging place to be.'