Going places


This video promotes the new benefits and incentives package for rural teachers, available from 1st January 2019. From that time, teachers may be eligible to receive $20,000 to $30,000 with added extras.


The video displays a montage of scenes depicting different people in rural towns and schools, interspersed with on screen text. There is no spoken dialogue. Many facets of a rural lifestyle are portrayed, both in and out of school, and there is an overall sense of vibrancy.

Text and Scenes

TEXT: New day.

[Sunrise. A man walks into a kitchen.]

TEXT: Fresh start.

[A cup of coffee is being prepared. A toddler in a high chair is having breakfast.]

TEXT: Choose a town.

[A car door closes. Various shots of cars driving along country roads and into towns. A number of different people are arriving at their schools.]

TEXT: Enhance your career.

[Gol Gol Public School. A teacher leads her students away from camera toward a school building.]

TEXT: How?

TEXT: With our new Rural Teacher Incentive.

TEXT: When?

TEXT: 01 January 2019.

TEXT: What?

TEXT: $20,000 to $30,000 with added extras.

TEXT: Where?

[An outline map of NSW appears with dots depicting every major rural area.]

TEXT: Why?

[Montage of teachers and students engaging in hands-on activities – sports, textiles, visual arts, TAS , and science]

TEXT: Because you can.

TEXT: Make yourself at home.

[Montage: A top-down view of a golfing green. A barista prepares a cup of coffee. A young family are seated in a café. A woman is browsing in an art gallery. Women are chatting together on a riverboat. A man is feeding camels. A father embraces his young toddler.]

TEXT: #goingplaces

TEXT: teach.nsw.edu.au

[Fade to NSW Government logo.]


NSW Government

Copyright 2018 NSW Department of Education

Produced by Branding and Promotions, Human Resources Directorate

Music by L-Ray Music, courtesy of Shutterstock Inc.

End transcript