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The teach.NSW team travelled to Condobolin, in central western NSW. Team members interviewed Melissa Rees, Head Teacher Teaching and Learning at Condobolin High School, who offered advice for new teachers considering teaching in rural locations. In addition, teach.NSW interviewed some of Melissa’s colleagues, including the principal, who all spoke warmly of the difference that she makes in their school.


The video begins with an outline of the state of NSW with a large dot depicting the approximate location of the town of Condobolin. The outline frames the sun rising over a natural bush landscape. Over the course of the video, we are introduced to several people at Condobolin High School who are associated with Melissa Rees; two teachers, Daryl and Dinesh, a student, Madison, and Jeff, the principal. As they speak, we are shown various scenes of Melissa engaging in various activities with staff and students both within school and outside the school.

We are finally introduced to Melissa herself. As she speaks to camera, we are shown scenes of Melissa interacting with her students in a science lab, and with other teachers sharing lunch in a staff room setting. She is then shown driving a car.


She has helped me professionally as well as personally, and she is an inspiration for other teachers.


It's that passion and drive that she has to expand the minds and the opportunities for our students in rural and remote NSW.


Miss is really fun, smart, and is up to date on the latest technologies.


She has made a massive difference in our school. The way she is able to support staff through professional learning, the way she is able to support students, shows real leadership qualities. And as a principal, I couldn't be happier having someone like that on my staff.


My name is Melissa Rees, and I am the Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning at Condobolin High School, and also the Head Teacher Access at the Lachlan Access Program.

For new teachers considering teaching rural, I would say do it. You have the support of the department, of all these teachers. Don't even think twice about it, jump in the car and come and see what we've got to offer.

Closing Scene

Video ends with a wide landscape view of the town of Condobolin nestled among the trees.

Text: ‘Teach and make Condobolin your home. Find out more at teach.nsw.edu.au’


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