Types of teachers

Explore the different types of teachers in NSW public schools and find out which teaching or speciality area appeals to you. In NSW public schools you can choose to teach across different age groups, from early childhood through to secondary school.

Early childhood teachers

Early childhood teachers play an important part in the intellectual and social development of children in their formative years. Early childhood teachers who are trained to teach primary key learning areas may also be eligible for employment to teach Kindergarten to Year 6. Explore early childhood teaching.

Primary teachers

Primary school teachers are trained to teach students from Kindergarten to Year 6. They plan and deliver educational programs to assist in the intellectual, physical and social development of primary school students who are typically aged between five and eleven. Explore primary teaching.

Secondary teachers

Secondary school teachers are trained to teach one or more subjects to students in Years 7 to 12. In NSW Public Schools, there are eight key areas of study, including English, mathematics, science, creative and performing arts, human society and its environment, languages, personal development, health and physical education and technological and applied studies. Explore secondary teaching.

Specialist teachers

Specialist teachers include school counsellors, teacher librarians, English as a Second Language, vocational and educational training, and special education teachers. Explore specialist teaching.