Summer School Conference

Registrations are closed

Registrations for the 2019 Summer School conference is closed. Sign up for an email alert to be notified as new information becomes available and for future conferences.

The Summer School conference is targeted at early career teachers who are at the beginning, or in the initial stages, of their career and who feel they would benefit from this conference to support their transition into the teaching profession.

The Summer School conference is a two-day professional learning conference designed to support early career teachers and reinforce the key elements which underpin the heart and soul of teaching. This initiative will strengthen strategies to support teachers in the early stages of their career and in their pursuit of proficient accreditation.

The conference is supported by the Early Career Teacher Mentor Program - a network of experienced teacher mentors who will provide high quality professional advice, guidance and wellbeing support, along with a commitment to ongoing tailored mentor support for the first five weeks of term, following the conference.

To be eligible to apply for the Summer School conference early career teachers must have completed their studies and hold conditional/provisional accreditation.

Refer to the Summer School 2019 flyer for more information.