TAS with engineering studies

The steps you need to take to become a technological and applied studies (TAS) teacher with engineering studies through STEP depend on your current qualifications. The maximum amount of study you will need to complete to become a TAS teacher is outlined below.

Approved primary and secondary teachers with no undergraduate studies in TAS will need to complete the following studies:

  1. a major of six subjects in engineering studies with a least four subjects at second year level and above* and
  2. four subjects in another TAS area* (or vice versa) with at least two subjects at level two or above and
  3. one or two subjects (depending on focus) of TAS method and curriculum studies appropriate for years 7 to 12.

Approved TAS teachers without studies in engineering will need to complete four subjects in engineering studies with at least two subjects at level two or above.

Note: The studies outlined above are indicative only. The actual program of study required will be dependent on each individual's qualifications.

* For future head teacher TAS eligibility, the study progression should reflect that of a major (subjects undertaken at 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year levels progressively). Teachers should also gain approval in design and technology. The undergraduate subject content requirements for secondary teaching are aligned to those required by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Refer to the NESA website for assistance with self-assessing your current qualifications.