Damien Mah,

Lithgow High School to Alexandria, Ontario, Canada

I would say to any teacher considering exchange, especially teachers early in their career: do it, unreservedly, just go for it!

I exchanged as a Technical and Applied Studies teacher to a small Canadian school where there were only 400 students.

It was really great to experience another educational system and the way they work. In terms of the family, just going overseas and meeting a whole bunch of new people was a tremendous opportunity. I've just got so many more friends and so many things to talk about and share with my children and of course my students. The exchange really bonded us together as a family.

Emily Dawson,

Ryde East Public School to Toronto, Canada

I decided to undertake a year-long international exchange and it gave my life and career an energising session.

Professionally the best aspect for me was that you get to put yourself outside your regular practice, which means you need to be a bit more confident, and go out of your way to meet people and to question.

What was great about exchange teaching was that my Canadian school had the same PM readers that I used in New South Wales, so I could use the same resources that I had already been using. But the methods of teaching around the readers were different, so I could carry that over back at my old school, in a positive way.

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