Graduates who commenced their course before 2019

If you started your initial teaching education course before 2019 and want to join the largest education system in Australia once you successfully complete your studies, you will need to undertake a few steps on your pathway to employment. Your application for approval to teach (formerly known as the Graduate Recruitment Program or GRP) is an essential step to commencing your teaching career in NSW public schools.

Throughout your final two semesters of study, you can apply for approval to teach via our online application system. Approval to teach involves a number of important steps outlined below.

Once you obtain approval to teach from the department you can seek employment in NSW public schools.

High-achieving graduates who are identified through the approval to teach application process as having the requisite knowledge, skills, experiences and attributes to be outstanding teachers may be contacted by the department for priority appointment to a permanent teaching position in a NSW public school.

For all graduates, it is best to be proactive in seeking employment with the department by subscribing to the teach.NSW jobs e-newsletter, JobFeed, to be notified of new permanent and temporary positions.

Changes from 2019

In 2019, the approval to teach process has been updated to ensure all students in NSW public schools have access to high-quality teachers.

Changes included enhancements to the online application process to streamline the submission of your application and supporting documentation as well as new requirements that all new applicants need to meet to be granted approval to teach in NSW public schools.

From 2020, these new requirements include:

  • Completion of a teacher suitability assessment, measuring cognitive and emotional intelligence
  • requesting an approval to teach within the last two semesters of study

Information and advice about the enhanced requirements for new graduates and experienced teachers will be updated and available throughout the year. Make sure you sign up to be alerted of new information when it becomes available and explore the frequently asked questions.

Your pathway to employment

You are eligible to submit your application for approval to teach in the final two semesters of your teacher education studies.

1. Get ready to apply

Before you begin your application you will need to

  • Obtain a NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC) for paid employment from the Office of the Children’s Guardian and
  • Apply for and gain accreditation as a teacher in NSW through the NSW Education Standards Authority. You will be emailed an accreditation letter which includes your accreditation number status and the list of subjects you have been accredited to teach.

2. Start your application

Now you are ready to apply for approval to teach in NSW public schools.

  • In the online application you will be asked to provide your personal information, select the areas or schools where you would prefer to work and upload the mandatory documentation required. You may not have all of your professional experience/practicum reports and academic transcripts but will need to upload what you have completed to date.
  • You can also indicate your interest in teaching in schools with a high proportion of Aboriginal student enrolments as part of the GRP: Aboriginal initiative.
  • You can now submit your application. Once your application for approval to teach has been successfully submitted you will be sent an email acknowledging receipt.

3. Progress your application

This is the step where you provide details of your final professional experience/practicums, request interim approval, and book your interview.

  • You will receive an email once your application has been assessed and validated, included are details of the subjects you are accredited in and the next steps you will need to complete.
  • At this step you will retrieve your application and have the option to request interim approval to teach. Interim approval has the benefit of enabling you to work as a casual or temporary teacher before completing your studies, but will only be issued after you have successfully completed your interview and final professional experience/practicum (and have provided the report to the department).
  • You will be invited to book your interview.

4. Finalise your application

These are the final important actions you need to take in order to gain full approval to teach with the NSW Department of Education.

  • It is now time to participate in an interview and demonstrate your capabilities to be a high quality teacher in NSW public schools.
  • If you have requested interim approval and have met the requirements to be a high quality teacher, you will receive your interim approval to teach as long as you have confirmed and submitted your final practicum dates and practicum school.
  • All graduates will also be required to provide their final transcript and final professional experience/practicum report prior to gaining full approval to teach.
  • You will be notified via email of the outcome of your application for approval to teach.
  • It is a great idea to subscribe to JobFeed to receive a weekly list of available permanent and temporary jobs to start your teaching career in NSW public schools.

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