Approval to teach

Advice for future teachers in NSW public schools

To ensure students in NSW public schools have access to high-quality teachers, the approval to teach process has undergone change.

The enhanced online application process allows future teachers to submit their application and documentation easily. The teacher suitability assessments and interview are now also completed online. Eligible teachers are granted interim casual approval for 12 months while their application proceeds through the assessment steps.

To commence your career as a teacher with the NSW Department of Education and to find out more about the updated approval to teach process, select the relevant pathway below.

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What is approval to teach?

The NSW Department of Education is the largest education system in Australia, with a range of employment opportunities available for qualified teachers.

Whether you are a new graduate or experienced teacher seeking employment in NSW public schools, you will need to successfully meet the department’s requirements for approval to teach.

Before you start your approval to teach application, you will need a NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC) clearance for paid employment from the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian. You will also need to apply for and gain accreditation from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).  Once you have your valid WWCC number and your NESA ID you are ready to apply for approval to teach.

To find specific steps you need to follow to gain approval to teach, select your pathway below:

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