Aboriginal people

Join our Mob! The NSW Department of Education is committed to increasing the number of Aboriginal teachers employed in NSW public schools. If you are an Aboriginal person looking for the chance to make a difference through education, consider becoming a teacher! Here is your step-by-step guide to becoming a teacher in a NSW public school:

  1. Decide what type of teacher you would like to become.
    Note: Becoming a qualified teacher in a high-demand subject area would increase your chances of gaining employment in NSW public schools.
  2. Find out what teacher education course you will need to complete in order to become the type of teacher you want to be. Universities offer a range of pathways to qualify as a teacher including integrated degrees with teacher education studies such as Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Education or Master of Teaching courses. If you have existing tertiary qualifications you may be eligible for course credit.
    Note: To teach in NSW public schools, you will need to complete teacher education studies at a recognised Australian teacher education institution. Your studies will need to meet the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) academic requirements for employment as a teacher. Through the Teacher Education Scholarship – Aboriginal, Aboriginal people can get paid to study to become primary or secondary teachers.
  3. Apply for admission to the university course you've decided to study through the University Admissions Centre.
  4. Complete your teacher education studies - share your teaching journey via Instagram with #teach.NSW.
  5. Gain accreditation through NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).
  6. Apply for approval to teach in NSW public schools.
  7. Apply for advertised teaching positions in NSW public schools.

Confirmation of Aboriginality

The department will require you to confirm your Aboriginality as outlined in the Confirmation of Aboriginality Guideline.

The new guideline will apply to the following:

  • Applicants for Aboriginal-targeted teaching scholarships
  • Applicants for Aboriginal-identified positions
  • New employees who wish to identify as being of Aboriginal descent
  • Current employees who wish to identify as being of Aboriginal descent
  • Teachers seeking approval to teach with the department who wish to identify as being of Aboriginal descent.

The new guideline does not apply to current Aboriginal-identified employees of the department.

Talk to us

The Department's Aboriginal Employment team provides personalised assistance and advice to Aboriginal people considering teaching as a career. Email aboriginal.employment@det.nsw.edu.au or phone 02 7814 3833.

Explore teaching

Still debating whether or not teaching is the right career choice for you? Find out more about teaching as a career and the types of teachers that are in high-demand on the explore teaching webpage.