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Public Education: a great career move

Rewarding the achievements of students, teachers and schools


Each year, the achievement of our students, teachers and schools are recognised through various awards. For example, the Director-General and NSW Minister for Education and Communities pay tribute to top all-round student achievers and honour outstanding teachers from NSW public schools.

Showcasing excellence in public education

The wide range of performance opportunities for students and teachers in music, dance, drama, sport, public speaking and debating at the local, state and international levels, includes:

For more information about the Performing Arts Unit, including dance, debating, music, visual arts, performances, resources and events go to www.artsunit.nsw.edu.au

For more information about the School Sports Unit, including participating associations, a calendar of events, recent news, and state/national results and records, go to www.sports.det.nsw.edu.au