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Public Education: a great career move

Enjoy a quality career in your community

Our system of public Education and Communities develops the individual talents, interests and abilities of students from early childhood education through to post-compulsory Education and Communities, meeting the learning needs of children, young people and adults, as well as addressing training needs in industry. For over 150 years, public education has underpinned the social, cultural and economic progress of the State.

As a teacher in a NSW public school you have opportunities to teach students from every socio-economic and ethnic background in metropolitan and rural NSW. As a large public agency, the NSW Department of Education and Communities can support you in many ways at state, regional and local levels.

Reflecting Australia's diversity

Over 735,000 public school students participate in educational programs at more than 2,200 schools across NSW, staffed by around 80,000 teachers.

Our teachers join us from many backgrounds, including:

Supporting your work at the community level

Many specialist areas in the Department that support teachers and schools are provided to support the K-12 focus areas such as Aboriginal education, career education, drug education, environmental education, gifted and talented education, learning technologies, literacy and multicultural education.

Values in NSW public schools

NSW public schools

NSW public schools have always taught the values that are the basis of law, customs and care for others in our society.

Values shape attitudes to the changing circumstances, events and issues encountered in daily life.

Schools in NSW share with families and the community the responsibility for teaching values.

The demonstration of these values in all areas of public education is both the aim and a measure of success for our public schools.

The core values are: