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Public Education: a great career move

Support for early career teachers

Early career teachers are supported by a range of strategies to assist their transition into their new role and to build on their talents and strengths.
The induction of casual teacher resource contains useful information about the Department, support services and key documents to support your role as a casual teacher in our schools.
Other resources provide strategies to promote positive relationships with students, parents and school communities, and information to assist your smooth transition into public education.

The Teachers Handbook contains detailed information on the current conditions of employment for our teachers.

Our local offices will assist you

The NSW Department of Education and Communities provides lifelong learning and is very responsive to community needs.

The Department supports public schools at local levels through its network of 10 regional offices and 43 local area offices. Regional and local area staff form a multi-disciplinary team providing a range of quality school-focused services, including:

This network also assists in: